what does elias like???

many things, actually


junji ito's workshorrormore specifically horror films, especially very bloody/gory oneshigurashipopping tunes<li>html (and css)</li>
doomblood (1997)cats!!!!!!!i fucking love cats!!!!!!!!!drawingcompact discsthat stupid fucking anime about countries or whatever BUT ONLY IRONICALLY and i'm also critical of my interests. all of them. even this one BUT ONLY BECAUSE IT CAME BACK THIS YEAR. YOU KNOW THE ONElaw & orderdabbekraina grzybówmy ocs :3cwatching nik avocado comps on youtube. funniest shit i have ever seen (but it's also kinda sad to watch this man literally uninstall himself on camera, to put it lightly)enamy friends (and fwiends!)so much more but i forgot hfjngjkj

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